Stitch A Cat Portrait with Follow The White Bunny!

Cat Portrait Class - Follow The White Bunny

If any of you guys are stitchers out there, or cat-lovers – or even better, BOTH! – you can trust me when I tell you, you are absolutely going to want to check out my pal Nicole’s new class, Cat Portrait Stitch Guide.

I’m a little teensy bit biased, because I had the pleasure of working with Nicole for the second time on this project, as her copy editor, but I can promise you this is a damn fine class. Nicole’s awesome at furry stitching, as I’m sure you know, and she’s a fantastic teacher. Check it out and stitch up a furry portrait of your own, I guarantee you’ll love it!

Visit Nicole at her website, Follow The White Bunny, over here.

Little Dorrit & Co. Enamel Pin For Sale!

Floral Enamel Pin

Eeeep! This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long while now and I finally took the plunge: using Little Dorrit & Co. designs on items other than only embroidery patterns. I just think they are super-cute, although I am a teensy bit biased, and I would love to see them make their way a little further into the world.

Floral Enamel Pin

So I decided to start with an enamel pin, because I’m totally loving this trend (so fun!) and I thought pin-lovers like me might appreciate one that’s a little different – sweet, teensy, and dainty. So I’ve started with one of our popular Shakespeare’s Flowers designs, because they’re so so pretty (if I do say so my damn self). I’m working on a plan for a second pin – any requests? – and I’ve got some other ideas for Little Dorrit & Co. merchandise a-brewin’. Watch out for new items in the coming months!

Our new Primrose enamel pin is available in the shop now, and you can find our Shakespeare’s Flowers embroidery pattern (five designs in one!) right here.

Catch-up: Bee Adventurous Round 3


This is a while back now, but to catch up, here’s my work on Round 3 of the Bee Adventurous journey me and my wonderful beemates have been on together. (Clare’s work in the center; Rebecca’s on the next section around that, with the circle corners; mine around the outside, the strippy diamonds or whatever they should be called.)

This quilt belongs to Clare, who I was lucky enough to meet in person at this year’s Festival of Quilts. Ohmahgosh, is she the most adorable person?!?!? I just wanted to squish her to bits (in a good way)! I was so happy to meet her, it was a definite highlight of this year’s already wonderful show.

Anyway, it was some time ago, but this quilt was a definite challenge for me. And I couldn’t figure out why for ages. It seemed like a perfectly me thing to do, but then I realized two things:

– For whatever reason, I’ve definitely shifted to a more low-volume / minimalist feel with my fabric choices and designs. I know that’s definitely not what Clare wanted in her quilt.

– Even though I love when other people use solids in their work, I was just not accustomed to it! For ages, I couldn’t figure out how to fit them in and make them work with the prints I wanted to include. They just looked all … blank and stuff. I’m clearly used to playing with prints.

But it all worked out pretty great in the end – though I didn’t think so at the time. I only reluctantly sent it along to the next beemate, still partially feeling like I’d made a mess of it and should rip it out and start again. Now I love it very much.

And it really got me out of my comfort zone. I’m including more solids in my sewing, naturally now and not forced – for me, this was the whole point of the bee: stretching my stitchy legs and trying new things. Sounds like such a silly thing, needing practice to include solids? They just didn’t look right to me at first, but now I’m really enjoying them.

You can see the continuing work on this and all the quilts in this bee by checking out the tag #beeadventurousquilts on Instagram!

Oops, I did it again. Also, a new quilt top!

Yeah. It happened again. I guess just don’t know how to use my blog now, with an entirely different schedule and slightly unclear focus. It’s becoming clearer, day by day, and my future now looks entirely different than it did a few months ago. But where does my blog fit in, and where does blog reading and writing fit into the world at large? It seems like such a lesser-used medium now than it was just a tiny little while ago! Crazy technology making everything move so quickly!

So, I’ll just go on as if I hadn’t been gone, and hopefully I’ll figure it out. For the time being, I’m going to try to post weekly, just the once. Seems like an appropriate schedule for both you and me now.


It being Olympic time, I set myself some Olympic-worthy (yeah, ok, I suppose those hammer throw people would probably object to that) challenges for these two weeks: make good progress on a cardigan I’d been knitting, finish my Merry Medallion, and finish my Huge Honking Churn Dash quilt (above).

My BeeEurope 2015 peeps made these churn dashes for me and LOOKIT HOW DAMN PRETTY! For me, it’s the ultimate, perfect, heavenly combination of modern and traditional, exactly how I like it.

(To make your very own Huge Honking Churn Dash Quilt, use my tutorial!)

The Daily Duffle WIP – with bears.

A little WIP-sharing today, in the hopes that if I tell you about it, I’ll stick with it. I’ve got half-projects EVERYWHERE right now. I know that’s a common problem with us crafters, but like, seriously. EVERYWHERE. I should take one of those “honest” photos of what my sewing table actually looks like – except you can’t see the table, let alone get any sewing done on it. Project piles everywhere.

(I’m thinking I need a thing with a couple of drawers, like on wheels, where I can store my current WIPs. I’m a little worried that’s just where WIPs would go to die – or at least become UFOs, but if I only allow the things I’m currently working on into the drawers? I dunno, but there has to be a better use for a sewing table than just holding piles, right?!)

Anyway, so yeah. I started another dang project. I’ve got two trips coming up, and although there’s no chance even in the pits of hell that I’d be able to get this done for the first (exactly one week from today), I know it’ll be useful for the second (at the end of May).


This is The Daily Duffle pattern, by Sassafras Lane. I have bears on the outside, along with the woodgrain, and the blue lace fabric as my lining. I only had a half-meter of the bears, and I was determined to get as much of this project out of stash as possible. So I’m using the Cotton + Steel peaches and Lizzy House constellations to make up the round sides. A few mods I already have planned: skipping the long strap, ’cause I always end up detaching them from store-boughten bags, so really, why would I go to the trouble of making one?! Because of that, I’ll possibly make the short handles a bit longer, so I can tuck the duffle under my arm if I need to. I’m using Bosal In-R-Foam, which I’ve never used before, instead of a fusible fleece and the Vilene G700 woven interfacing that I’ve gushed about before (’cause I’m THAT person now, that one that gushes about interfacing. Sigh.). I’m not sure if that’s going to be enough, since I’ve never used the foam before, so I’ll have to wing that as I go.

I starting cutting and interfacing last night, so there’s still a ways to go. Full report back with project details when I’ve finished!

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